Sunday, October 16, 2011

This one's for you Alison!

Wow. My last post was titled "37 Weeks and Counting..." Um, yeah. It's been awhile. Honestly, I've been debating for months whether or not to blog again. I mean, where would I even begin after all this time? I feel like everyone who reads my blog, besides my sister-in-law, keeps up with us and all our pictures on facebook so there is really no need to blog anyway. BUT, I decided that I will press on! It is sort of theraputic for me to write about things. I thought about doing a quick recap over the past year but if you are reading this, then you know all that has happened :-) My sweet friend Ashley redisgned my blog for me so I think there's no better time than now!

Ella Kate has had alot of fun outings in the last week. Last week, we went to the fair. I haven't been able to go to the fair in a few years and I was dying for my usual fair feast: A corn dog, roasted corn, funnel cake, fresh lemonade, and a box of taffy! And I got all of the above! YUM. EK was a bit overwhelmed with all the people. We went during lunch because you get in free, but the rides were not running. I had hoped to ride with her on the carousel and the train. Here are a few pictures from the fair:


Yesterday, we took her to the pumpkin patch. We were supposed to meet my friend Jessica, her husband, and their little baby girl Piper up there, but they ended up getting lost and we had to go ahead and get on the hay ride without them. I had no idea what all the pumpkin entailed. I thought we would just show up and pick out a pumpkin. Um, no. In the 85 degree heat, we boarded a hayride (which lasted an hour total) and drove to the pumpkin field. Along the way we stopped to look at various animals on the property. We had no sunscreen for Ek, and we are all so hot! She did pretty good. She got overheated and wasn't happy. Lessons learned. Go during a week day, go when it's not hot, and bring sunscreen. And don't bring a 1 year old back to the pumpkin patch! Here are some pictures from yesterday!

Poor baby was melting!!

It's been a fun week for us! Actually, it's been a fun YEAR!! Haha! Seriously, I cannot believe EK is already 1! Where did the year go? I will post pictures of her birthday party at some point! Thanks for stopping by and catching up with us! Alison are you proud of me?! Let's see if I can keep it up!!

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  1. YAY!!!! Yes, I am so proud of you!!! Please keep up the blogging for your sweet sis-in-law who is the only one in America not on FB! HAHA! Oh, and I love the pic of you eating the corn! I have got to show that one to Jody! :) Love ya! And please post again soon!!!